Order Picker Training Mississauga

Order pickers are sometimes referred to as “Cherry pickers”. Order pickers are used to make the picking process easier, faster, and streamlined. There comes 3 different levels of order pickers: low, medium and high. It is crucial to undergo Order picker Forklift Training from experienced and well-trained instructors before thinking of operating order picker trucks. Training includes picking and moving orders within large warehouses, food production facilities, and other similar industries. Let Forklift Training Mississauga help you learn best practices to deliver industry material with the mast and forks.

Our course is blended for both individuals and organizations. Course duration varies from a few hours to a few days depending upon the participants’ interest and capabilities. Upon successful completion of the Order Picker course, you will be issued an Operator Training Certificate which enables you to grab your forklift operator license. We also assist you with recertification and course availability information. Call now to avail of the best hands-on practice on various forklift machines.


What will you learn in this Course?

You will be able to:

  • Facilitate the process of sending out inventory in storage to customers or storefronts and efficiently place items from their place on the shelves to a truck or shipping container
  • Machine maintenance & perform repairs
  • Ability to use a radio frequency or barcode scanner
  • In-depth knowledge of industry safety regulations
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment for long hours
  • Great team spirit
  • Great physical strength and fitness
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Great self-independence and motivation
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Goods Inspection before shipment
Our Courses

Looking for a specific forklift training?

Check out our available forklift training courses and call us if you need any assistance regarding these courses.


Counter Balance

Used in both indoor and outdoor applications.
pallet walkie rider

Pallet Walkie

Manage the day-to-day loading and unloading of freight throughout.
Narrow aisle/ Reach lift

Narrow Aisle/ Reach Lift

Hands-on training on machines used in narrow aisles.
scissor lift

Scissor Lift

Equipment used to lift personnel in the vertical direction.
order picker

Order Picker

LO-series order picker operations with lanyards and harnesses.


Stand-up electric counterbalanced forklifts for quick unloading and transporting.

Forklift Operator Training Mississauga

Need a recognized and highly-accepted Forklift Operator Certificate Today? Sign up and get your Forklift Operator Certificate with our simple, quick, and efficient OSHA-compliant Forklift Operator Certification Training.

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