Pallet Walkie

Pallet Walkie Forklifts are majorly required in food production facilities, warehouses, and other similar industries involving pallet operations. These forklifts are a must-have to pull out maximum work efficiency and productivity at large workplaces. Our Pallet Walkie Forklift Training Course features OSHA-compliant safety guidelines, hands-on experience with pallet walkie, and operational maintenance practices.
We guide you with the best performance practices and safety techniques. We can also avail you of in-house instructor training if your operation has a large staff that requires training. Call now to know the course duration, price, and other details.


What will you learn?

Our Pallet Walkie Forklift Training Course Entails:

  • Course Introduction
  • Related Government legislation
  • Pallet Walkie Safety Video
  • Responsibilities of the workers, supervisors and employers
  • General operating procedures: circle check, startup, shutdown, forward/reverse on level ground, parking
  • Pre-operational inspection
  • Pedestrian awareness
  • Inspection, maintenance, and records
  • Lift capacity and load limitations
  • Operational Maintenance¬† such as re-fueling and battery recharging
  • Fuel safety for both electric and propane equipment
  • Hazard avoidance such as identifying potential hazards, environmental conditions affecting lift truck performance
Our Courses

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Pallet Walkie

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Stand-up electric counterbalanced forklifts for quick unloading and transporting.
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