Is it necessary to have a license in order to drive a forklift? This is a common question that lift operators and business owners alike ask. Although the short answer is yes. However, there is a difference between an equipment operator’s license and a license for driving cars, trucks, or buses on public roads. This license is not required to operate lift equipment.

OSHA is very serious about workplace safety, especially in terms of licensing and training operators. OSHA does not have any training programs for operators of forklifts or other large equipment. However, OSHA has regulations that govern training operators. This includes penalties and fines for employers who hire unlicensed drivers.

OSHA investigations and studies over the years have shown that forklift drivers who are not licensed have a higher rate of accidents that result in serious injuries or fatalities than operators who are properly trained and certified. Forklift Training in Mississauga can help. These are some of the features included in our quick, easy, and affordable operator training.

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Risks & Penalties of Operating a Forklift while You are Not Licensed

Why do you need to have a driver’s license to drive a forklift? Operator error is the main cause of most workplace accidents involving forklifts. Operators could have avoided many of these accidents if they had received the right training.

Operators of forklifts without a license are not qualified to operate forklifts in adverse conditions, such as slopes, rough terrain, or uneven terrain. These operators require the skills that only professionals can offer. Operators without proper training are not licensed.

You aren’t able to recognize and avoid potential hazards that could lead to accidents causing serious injury or death.
They don’t know the importance of maintaining and inspecting forklift equipment.
Do not have the experience or knowledge to safely navigate overhead obstacles and avoid electrical hazards.

Operators can earn a license by completing training. This certifies that they can safely operate a forklift. Operators who regularly use forklifts in their daily work must have a license.

Employers need to be aware of the serious consequences for drivers operating unlicensed forklifts. OSHA states that any employer that knowingly or repeatedly breaks the forklift training requirements can be subject to fines up to $136,532. False representations, statements, or claims of certification may result in a fine of up to $13,653, imprisonment for up to six months, or both. Employers who ignore OSHA regulations such as the requirement that forklift operators be properly trained and licensed before being allowed to operate the equipment can face severe penalties.

How Old Do You Have to be to Use a Forklift

Anyone under 18 years old cannot drive forklifts. Mississauga is where you can obtain your forklift operator license. OSHA requires that employers ensure that all forklift operators have been properly trained and certified to protect workers and the environment. OSHA-approved training and licensing are not required for them to drive. This increases the likelihood of serious workplace accidents, including deaths or serious injuries to employees, as well as damage to equipment, inventory, and property.

How long does a forklift certificate last?

Operators of forklifts are required to renew their Certificate for Forklift Operators every three years. Operators can take an OSHA-compliant refresher class to do this.


You now know the answer to the question, “Do you need a license for a forklift driver?”. Explore the options to get licensed. Forklift Training Mississauga provides forklift training in Mississauga as well as hands-on experience with various machines.


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